Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm sorry, Jelly Beans. I know how much the Gipper liked you.

Hey you, want to be as fashionable as Nancy Reagan1 and as stylish as a person with a homemade campaign button necklace?

Enter a comment, with your favorite Jelly Bean flavor or your favorite president, on this post from today through December 1st and you could win this2 necklace. It's perfect for when you're Reaganing or when you're just lying around in an evening gown and showing off your husband's monogrammed throw pillows. 

It's really just a campaign button that can be detached from the necklace and just worn on your shirt or trousers. But it is a pretty sweet button and this way it won't poke holes in your clothes. How much would you pay for this on Etsy?3 Maybe a $100? Man, the scam I could pull off with this thing. Enter to win and you could get this $1,000 necklace for free.

Pretend I posted this on Tuesday (Button Day).

1 Chicest FLOTUS of the 20th century, because Jackie Kennedy was mean.

2As with the other giveaway, you don't have to pick the Reagan related prize, you could choose an Obama 08 button (or Ford, Nixon, Mondale or Kennedy--although those are older and they might will definitely stab you in necklace form). But who wouldn't go with the Reagan one? (I don't like a lot of what he did as a president, I just think he was adorable.)

3I don't like or respect Etsy.

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