Sunday, November 7, 2010

I also subscribe to USA Today and American Way magazine

Happy Magazine Day! Here are a few of my favorite magazines.
  1. National Geographic. I had a subscription for National Geographic magazine throughout high school. It was a gift from my grandpa. Through National Geographic I first learned about Ernest Shackleton, how awesome and gross things were when magnified and the giddy fascination of learning about strangers based on zip codes.
  2. Life. Every issue is available on Google Books. What Will Nixon Do With It?
  3. My HEB Texas Life Magazine. My favorite grocery store has a monthly magazine or a really big waste of paper for a page of coupons and super easy crossword puzzle. The letter to the editors are all in fawning praise of the magazine and the store and one day they will publish one of my letters (published letters get a gift certificate). But I'm just doing it because I love the magazine.
  4. The Pawnee Parks and Recreation Summer Catalog.
  5. Sassy  Magazine. Here's the ideal way to read Sassy. 1) Don't read it as a child 20 years ago. 2) Read a bunch of back issues in 2010 in the home of your sibling who read Sassy as a child. 3) Laugh forever.
  6. Bear Hugging and Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Weekly. For all your other November 7th holiday needs. 

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