Monday, November 22, 2010

Claps-Giving Yay Ha-Rade

Since Christmas creep is in full force, and the dark cloud of CNN News Reports about People Shopping Day is almost upon us, I am declaring today the start of THANKSGIVING WEEK.

What: A week long celebration of Thanksgiving with occasional blog updates and watching football or episodes of Friends/The West Wing about Thanksgiving if you don't get football. It's also a good time for some Sarah Vowellish reading and thinking about genocide. It's a complicated holiday. That's why it needs a week or more.
When: Today until the end of Thanksgiving (realistically) or the end of November (ideally).
Who: Americans, flexible Canadians
Why: The last part of November is the best part. It's kind of cold and everyone's on vacation
How: Eat real Chex Mix, look up pictures of Presidents pardoning turkeys, help Save November (special thanks to Srah this month) and dress up your presidential action figures in faux "First Thanksgiving" garb.
Where: Your mom's house.

My family makes fun of me for doing what they call my "happy dance." The following doesn't quite capture my dance style, but they do adequately express that I am just genuinely pleased about this upcoming week.

Boss Zefron gif

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