Monday, January 3, 2011

It's up to me now. I'm Mr. Manager.

Here are my eleven goals/joke goals for 2011, not including getting a job, which is a very important joke goal (I'm still not sure if my mom reads my blog). Also, this blog is going to be at for now. My old domain name is expiring and I'm not planning on renewing it. I might even export the thing back to Wordpress if it ever starts looking easy to use.
  1. Read more about the 11th president of the US, James K. Polk and learn anything about the 11th Vice President George Mifflin Dallas. Most of the latter will be watching a TV show about a paper company founded by a distant relative, Dallas.
  2. Meet Alton Brown or Tony Blair who are both cute and would both be excellent at selling grape juice. I watched The Deal, The Queen and The Special Relationship. Michael Sheen playing Tony Blair while looking like Liz Lemon's ex-fiancé Wesley Snipes is about as close as I'm going to get to Tony Blair.
  3. Play a game of mini golf at Peter Pan Mini Golf in Austin. 
  4. I'm going to Washington D.C. in July. My goals for that trip: visit Colonial Williamsburg (and be disappointed and angry), visit the NMNH or NMAH and  take a tour of the White House and meet President Obama's dog.Revision needed. Instead of D.C. I will be going to visit a city outside of the US. More on that later.
  5. Break in new hiking boots by revisiting the McKinney Falls State Park and trying to stop calling it the McKinley Falls State Park. And to stop asking the rangers what William McKinley had to do with Texas. Half done. I will never stop asking what William McKinley has to do with Texas.
  6. Win a game of Scrabble or Scramble on Facebook.
  7. Visit the LBJ ranch and Texas White House. Done. More on this later. I guess one of my goals should be to blog more.
  8. In December I watched Tron Legacy and I loved it. My favorite parts were the dialogue and Michael Sheen's character.  In 2011 I will finally watch the original Tron. A terrible movie, but man how handsome was Jeff Bridges? How handsome is Jeff Bridges?
  9. Revisit the (Good) Bush Library before August so I can look at dresses worn by former FLOTUS and former White House Press Secretary Allison Janney. Ditto what I said for number 7.
  10. Commit to memory something eloquent and impressive to recite at fancy parties like the Gettysburg address or an episode of Arrested Development.
  11. Get invited to any fancy parties.

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